Establishment of medical isolation rooms in Qobbe prison

Due to the absence of medical isolation rooms for remand prisoners and for the inmates in North district, Restart Center established 10 medical isolation rooms, where prisoners who exhibit COVID  19 symptoms could be held, safely, apart from the main prison population while their tests are being completed at the governmental hospital.

The facility consisted of 10 standard Rooms divided into two zones connected to two passages.

Zone 1:  

  • Restart equipped 5 existing cells with toilets -located in the rehabilitation unit already established the support of the EU- to be used as medical isolation room for COVID 19 infected inmates.
  • Middle passage dividing rooms symmetrically, three on each side. 

Zone 2:  

  • Five Regular rooms including private toilet each.
  • One negative pressure room for viruses’ control – where all PCR tests sampling take place.
  • Middle passage dividing room symmetrically. 

The medical isolation rooms were equipped with the following items:

Medical beds 13
Mattresses covers 200
Refrigerator 1
Television 2
Medical trolleys 5

Providing hot water for the inmates in Halba prison and the courthouse

Due to the lack of hot water at Halba prison, Restart Center installed 4 hot water tanks (250L each). 

This activity consisted of:

  • Replacing 4 old Hot water tank with all necessary pipes and accessories for relocation.
  • Replacing 8 existing showers mixer set.
  • Replacing 4 sink mixer tap.

Additionally, 3 Water Tanks and 2 water heaters were installed in Tripoli courthouse.

Water pump installation

Restart center installed a water pump in Zahle prison.

Installation of sterilizing booths

The booths were installed as it follows:

  • Installation of tunnel at New Palace of Justice, Tripoli
  • Installation of cabinet at Zgharta Prison
  • Installation of cabinet at Halba Prison
  • Installation of cabinet at Batroun Prison  

Installation of Water tanks

Restart center installed 3 Water Tanks in Tripoli courthouse.

Installation of water heaters

Restart center installed 2 Water heaters in the courthouse.

Providing inmates with phone tele-cards

Since contact with the outside world has become very limited at prisons due to the COVID 19 outbreak, Restart center provided its beneficiaries at Tripoli Prison with 1221 phone tele-cards which enabled prisoners to call Restart Center Hotline for psychological support as well as their families.

Providing prisons in North Lebanon with Personal Protective Equipment and with Hygiene and Disinfection kits

Detention facility /
Item Description
Prisons Tripoli's Palace of Justince
Hygienic kits 395 -
Hand gels and sanitizers 1983 80
Cleaning Supplies 26 -
Soap bar and liquid  767 -
Disinfectant 375 29
Facial Mask  2685 125
Gloves Box  796 50
Isolation Gowns disposable and rewash able 3739 164
Shoes Cover packs\ 275 25
Face shields 367 33
Non-contact Thermometer 28 2
Manual Sprayer  18 2
Electrical Sprayer  6 1
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