Restart Medical Center recruitment policy

Restart Medical Center (RMC) is a dispensary founded on the interconnecting principles of equity, access, empowerment, community self-determination, and intersectoral collaboration. It encompasses an understanding of the social, environmental, economic, cultural, and political determinants of health. RMC incorporates health promotion, the prevention of illness, and primary clinical care. It uses strategies to enhance individual and community control over health and wellbeing, through a person-centered and holistic approach by a multidisciplinary team.

RMC is also dedicated to promote capacity building for health care professionals and the community by organizing trainings and awareness sessions in general and mental health topics in collaboration with the MOPH and Restart Center for rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture.

RMC team consists of healthcare professionals from several specialties: doctors, nurses, pharmacist, social workers and secretaries aiming to provide a professional and holistic service. RMC general medical services include:

  1. Adult and Geriatric Care
  2. Pediatric Care including vaccination services
  3. Chronic Disease Management (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia…)
  4. Mental health care in collaboration with Restart Center mental health programs
  5. Awareness sessions and trainings

Each beneficiary seeking a general health and pediatric services can be enrolled in RMC services after a primary screening of his main needs and medical condition. Following the screening, and if the services provided at RMC meets the beneficiaries’ needs, he/she can be enrolled in RMC services. If not, RMC team refers the patient to other partners or NGOs that can provide the required service.

This policy advocates for promoting a wider understanding within the community of the meaning and intent of the principles of comprehensive primary health care. It seeks to ensure that effectively implements procedures and services aligned with those of the MOPH.

together, we can break the cycle of torture.
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